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Heather Lorenzo, RtI/PBIS Coach

The District RtI Committee consists of parents, general educators, special educators, ELL educators, administrators, reading specialists, psychologists, social workers, and paraprofessionals.


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Response to Intervention (RtI) is a flexible problem-solving process designed to help schools focus on high-quality interventions that provide assistance to match each learner's social and academic needs. Students are monitored on an ongoing basis to help guide instruction, and data is used to adapt academic decisions regarding every student's educational program.

Recent changes in federal and state laws have directed schools to focus more on helping all children by addressing problems early within the general education setting. These new laws:

  • Emphasize the importance of providing high-quality, scientifically-based instruction and interventions
  • Hold schools accountable for adequate progress for all students
  • Provide interventions for students who are considered at-risk for academic and/or behavior concerns

At CCSD 46 this involves data analysis three times a year - early fall, winter, and late spring. We:

  • benchmark all students and place them in groups by academic need; interventions are set up
  • regularly monitor all students who are receiving interventions
  • differentiate to meet the range of academic needs in the classroom
  • make necessary adjustments to interventions based on progress monitoring data


  • High-quality, research-based instruction and interventions are matched to student needs
  • Frequent use of data
  • Early screenings of all students to identify performance levels
  • RtI eliminates a "wait to fail" situation because students get help promptly within the general education setting
  • Student support is fluid and provided as needed so that students may move within the three tiers
  • If students are successful, support is gradually released and interventions are reduced
  • If progress is not evident, new interventions are implemented

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