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The safety of our students is a top priority. With this in mind, we have created our arrival and dismissal plan. Please review the plan as specified below:


If you are driving your children to school you will drop them off from the main parking lot. Please pull up as far forward as possible along the curb. Children should exit the car on the passenger side only. (The front circle is used for buses only.)


Buses will pick up the students in the front circle. The main parking lot is used for student drop off and pick up.

Parents who plan to pick up their children after school must have a colored parking pass in order to enter the main parking lot. The parking lot will only be open to the specified color at the designated time. See below. Students will be dismissed according to the assigned parking pass at the following times:

1. Blue - students are dismissed at 2:11 **
2. Red - students are dismissed at 2:13 **
3. Green - students are dismissed at 2:15 **

Walkers and bus riders are dismissed at 2:15 **

Parking passes are distributed each year in August. For parents who do not receive a parking pass and wish to pick up their child each day, we ask you to wait until after 2:15 pm. After that time you will be able to enter the main parking lot and pick up your child.

** On early dismissal days the times will be as follows:

1. Blue - 10:45 AM
2. Red - 10:47 AM
3. Green - 10:50 AM

Walkers and bus riders are dismissed at 11:00 AM

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