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Online Curriculum Resources
The following details provide information regarding how students can access some paid resources to support the D46 curriculum. The majority of these resources require individual student log-in information many of which are connected to our students' Google account.

We also are provided links to some popular resources that our students may use at times in class, dependent on student age and curriculum content. Most of these resources are free to use and have no log in information.

The first place students should look for these resources are through the 'waffle' in the tool bar of their google account.

The first group of icons should be very familiar to students.

These include a majority of Google Suite tools. An important one is the Classroom link. Many of our teachers have created "Google Classrooms" for students to go to for resources, assignments, and materials.

By clicking on the "More" button, additional icons will be displayed. Click on the icons when you are in your google account. Here are some that may be helpful.

Some Highlights:

BrainPOP and BrainPOPJr - curriculum related videos

Kami - PDF editor used on the Chromebooks regularly

Pearson - access to Envisions 2020 Math Materials - Grades K-5

STEMScopes - access to science curriculum resources


Grades 6-8. Math resources for Grades 6-8. Sign in through your Google Classroom, or

Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) Practice Tests
Grades 3-8. These are practice tests similar to what students in grades 3-8 will take in reading and math in the Spring.

RAZ Kids Plus
Grades K-4. Use your teacher provided login information. This resource has articles at appropriate reading levels. Comprehension checks are also provided.

Grades 3-8. Sign in with your Google Account or through your Google Classroom. This is a resouces providing Informative Text at multiple reading levels on current and archived content.

Tween Tribune
Grades K-8. Resource for K-8 students with current event articles at different reading levels.

History Channel
Resources on various topics in history.

Grades K-8. Free tools to help K-8 students become better writers. Quill provides free writing and grammar activities.

Prodigy Math
Grades 1-8. Content for all major math topics in grades 1-8.

Download the information: Español

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