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Park Campus school hours are from 8:45am - 3:10pm. Doors will be open at 8:35am and students should arrive on campus after 8:30am. Kindergarten hours are 8:45am-11:20am and 12:35pm-3:10pm. Afternoon Kindergarteners should arrive after 12:30pm. As you read the instructions below, please refer to the maps below for further details. We are asking parents to keep their pick up routine at dismissal as consistent as possible throughout the school year.


Students who walk to school are able to use the West (#1) or East (#14) entrances and exits during arrival and dismissal. Students walking from north of Park Campus (Madrona and Bradford Place subdivisions) should use the East Entrance (#14). Students walking from the west of Park Campus (Madrona Ridge, Prairiewalk, Lakewood Grove subdivisions) should use the West Entrance (#1). Students walking from the east of Park Campus (Lakewood Grove and Prairiewalk subdivisions) should use the East Entrance (#14). Please note that crossing assistance will be available in front of Park Campus at the corner of Townline Road and Prairie View/Greywall. There also will be a sibling/neighbor meeting area inside the multipurpose room for walkers to meet one another before walking or riding home.

Bike Riders

There are bike racks on the east side of the school next to the playground. Students can lock their bikes at the bike racks and may enter and exit the school through the doors on the East Entrance (#14) next to the bike rack/playground.

In the case of inclement weather, parents picking up bicycles are requested to do so AFTER 3:30 PM only.

Bus Riders/Daycare Vans

Bus riders will be dropped off and picked up on the south side of the school (closest to Townline Road) and enter and exit through the South Entrance (#25).

Parent Drop-Off

Please drop off students between 8:30 and 8:40 as classes begin at 8:45 AM. Parents may use the west lot or south lot for arrival. Due to the heavy volume of car riders please use whichever lot is most convenient for you. When dropping off your child in the "Parent Drop Off/Pick Up Lanes", please stay in your vehicle. There will be two lanes for parents to use. The right lane is where parents can pull over and allow their children to enter and exit the car. Cars in the right lane will be asked to move up as far as possible. The left lane is for parents to pull around stopped cars and exit the parking lot. For safety we ask that students not enter and exit the car from the left lane and that all students enter and exit the car on the right side of the vehicle.

Parent Pick-Up

All families will receive a sign with their child's last name to be placed in your car. Please put this sign in the passenger side window to help our staff members more efficiently direct students to the correct vehicles. The pick up areas are differentiated by student grade level in order to provide a safer and more efficient dismissal procedure.

Parents should now use the south lot (closest to Townline Road) for pick up. When picking up your child please remember to stay in your vehicle and display your child's name sign. There will be staff members present to help students safely get in their cars. For the safety of the students, the south parking lot is only for K-5 students being picked up by car. Parents picking up student walkers should wait at the east or west entrance only.

If you are picking up students in both the K-5 AND 6-8 grade ranges please use the west lot as the students will be meeting in our sibling gathering area and exiting the building through the West Entrance (#1).

Parent should continue to use the west lot for student pick up. Please remember to stay in your vehicle, display your child's name sign and please pick up students along the curb only. If you are picking up students in both the K-5 AND 6-8 grade ranges please use the west lot as the students will be meeting in our sibling gathering area and exiting the building through the West Entrance (#1).

Park Campus Administrators and the Round Lake Police Department will continue to work together to make dismissal from school as safe and efficient as possible. To aid in this task, no left turns will be allowed out of either parking lot between 8:00AM and 4:00PM. The Round Lake Police Department will station an officer at the entrance to each parking lot when possible to help facilitate this procedure. Please be patient and plan accprdinly when dropping off or picking up students at Park Campus.

Activity Entrance

After school activities will use the Activity Entrance (#26) on the west side of the school just south of the West/Main Entrance. This will be used for all extracurricular activities.

Parent Visitors

All parents visiting the school are asked to park in the west lot outside of the main office and enter the school through the West/Main Entrance (#1). Please buzz the office to sign in before going to your destination.

East Parking Lot

For student safety, students will not be allowed to enter or exit cars in the East Lot. This lot will be a staging area for car riders in grades K-5. Due to the large number of vehicles passing through the parking lot and the lack of a safe entry point, all car riders will be directed to the south or west lots depending on the oldest child's grade level.

Arrival and Dismissal Maps

Drop Off Procedure

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Pick Up Procedure

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