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Chris Wildman
Assistant Superintendent for Finance / Chief School Business Official

Location: District Office, 565 Frederick Road, Grayslake, IL
Phone: 847-543-5323, Fax: 847-223-3695

Community Consolidated School District 46 is committed to establishing, maintaining, and improving educational programs within the funds provided by taxes and other sources of revenue. The District believes that it takes the administration, staff, and community to accomplish that. Educating and providing information to the community about district finances is very important.

More information about school finance can be found on the Illinois Association of School Board's website and the .pdf document Understanding School Finance.

Financial Information by School Year

FY 2022-2023FY 2021-2022FY 2020-2021

FY 2019-2020FY 2018-2019FY 2017-2018

FY 2016-2017FY 2015-2016FY 2014-2015

FY 2013-2014FY 2012-2013FY 2011-2012

Prevailing Wage Rates - Lake County, IL

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Dr. Lynn Glickman, Superintendent
Amy Gluck, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching, Learning & Assessment
Chris Wildman, Assistant Superintendent for Finance / Chief School Business Official
District Office: 565 Frederick Road, Grayslake, IL 60030 (847) 223-5340

Empowering learners, creating equity, cultivating community.
CCSD 46 provides opportunities that expand learning beyond our walls
so that all learners grow locally, connect globally, and excel universally.
CCSD 46 Mission and Vision Statements and Strategic Plan Goals

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