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Bright Ideas to say "I Love You!

  • Serve your child's dinner on a special plate - perhaps a china dish from your best set or a favorite one that you keep on display - to celebrate a triumph or act as a reminder on a bad day that he or she is still very important to you.

  • Have a discussion about the color of love. Ask your child what color love is, and why. Later you can use that color in gift-giving or gift-wrapping so your child will know that it is given with extra love.

  • Leave praising announcements such as "I love Leslie's smile" on your refrigerator, kitchen chalkboard, or other family message center for all to see. You can also post report cards and other special awards.

  • Design homemade cards (using stencils, stickers, or markers) to show that special feeling of love and caring. It's a good idea to stock up on such items as heart stickers and note pads in January and February (Valentine's Day) to pass on your love all through the year.

  • Make an outing to the hospital where your child was born, and tell about his or her birthday. Stop at the nursery during visiting hours to see the new babies.

Bright Ideas to make your child feel special!

Every child loves to feel special. Try some of these ideas to show your child how much you care!

  • Let your small child give you a back massage by walking up and down your back, taking small steps (and feeling pretty powerful doing it).

  • Make your child's interest a family hobby. Following his or her lead in rock hunting, ice hockey, or coin collecting can open new interests for all while quietly emphasizing the significance of your child's ideas.

  • As you read a story to your child let him or her "illustrate" it with markers on paper. When you tell a story from memory, the child will enjoy watching you create the illustrations.

  • Spend an afternoon teaching your child to whistle through his or her fingers on a piece of grass, to blow a bubble, to play jacks, to make a daisy chain, or to perform any of your other childhood activities.

*taken from 101 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special by Vicki Lansky

Bright Ideas to spark creativity!

Spark conversations with your kids - get a daily text with fun, thought provoking questions from Nani Arreaza, Chief Question Officer at shares these tips to help make the most of your family time while utilizing these creative questions.

  • Pick a time and stick to it. - Do you have great talks in the car? Over dinner? Before bed? Choose a time that makes Q4KIDZ part of your daily routine, like brushing teeth (or negotiating over screen time).

  • Share it with friends and family - The more the merrier with Q4KIDZ. Try it with the kids in carpool or next time all the cousins get together -- you are guaranteed to get some hilarious answers.

  • Ask follow up questions - Q4KIDZ are meant to ignite conversations and take your family discussion in all kinds of different directions. Ask lots of "whys" and "how comes.".

It's all about connecting. Connecting with our kids and connecting to other parents.

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