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District 46 has implemented the Aesop system to automate our substitute teacher placement. Once you have received your ID and PIN numbers, make sure your information is correct. More information on using the Aesop System can be found in the following link. Please contact Chris Wolk at the District Office if you have any questions.

Employee Quick Start Guide


Employees can create absences and manage their personal information via the phone or the internet.

Via the Phone:
Using your touch-tone phone, call Aesop at 1-800-942-3767.
You'll be prompted to enter your ID number (followed by the # sign), then your PIN number (followed by the # sign).

Over the phone you can do the following, just by following the prompts:

  • Create an absence (within the next 30 days) Press 1
  • Check your absence reason (entitlement) balances Press 2
    (This feature is currently not available to staff).
  • Review upcoming absences Press 3
  • Review a specific absence Press 4
  • Review or change your personal information Press 5
If you create an absence over the phone, be sure to make note of the confirmation number that Aesop assigns for future reference.

Via the Internet:
To log in to Aesop, type in your web browser's address bar (on mobile devices, type

Enter your ID number and PIN, and then click Login.

Can't remember your login info? If you're having trouble logging in, click the Forgot your login? link next to the Login button for more information.

  • Creating an Absence You can enter a new absence right from your Aesop home page under the Create Absence tab.

    Fill out the absence details including the date of the absence, the absence reason, notes to the administrator or substitute, and more. You can also attach files to the absence from here. When you've completed entering the absence details, click the Create Absence button.

  • Managing your PIN and Personal Information Under the "Account" tab, you can manage your personal information, change your PIN number, upload shared attachments (lesson plans, classroom rules, etc.), and manage your preferred substitute list.
If any of your information is incorrect, or you have questions, contact Chris Wolk at the District Office.

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